Colors and Metals

We offer our metal in varying gauges and colors, some being standard and others custom and/or premium.  Our steel comes in 24, 26 and 28 gauge; aluminum in .040 and .032.  We have copper, titanium, and zinc products. 

Here are our Standard Colors (Shortest Lead Times):

Forest Green (FG)
Slate Gray (SG)

Charcoal Gray (CG)
Mansard Brown (MB)
Dark Bronze (DB)
Medium Bronze (ME)
Matte Black (BL)
Galvalume (GA)

All other colors listed on the charts below are available via special order and with longer lead time.  Premium colors are noted and have an associated up-charge.

View the Color Visualizer to see how each color looks as an installed product.

Or download a PDF of the color chart here.